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About evb consulting
evb consulting is an IT consulting company that works with business innovators and helps them achieve great things and bring their insights to life. For 10 years, we have been passionate about achieving better results than bringing success and great fame to a brand.
Why Choose Us?
We will provide you with the best services based on our significant industry experience.
10 years of work
We have established ourselves as professionals in our field, working with both small and well-known brands.
Individual approach
Every company has its conception and motto. We work to develop unique products.
We grow for the future
Highly skilled professionals will help your business grow on par with the new technologies.
Our Services
We offer a wide range of services at an industry-leading level. Here is what we can offer to your company:
Network design and architecture
Network design and architecture service encompasses the strategic planning, configuration, and organization of hardware, software, protocols, and connectivity components within a computer network. This service aims to create a robust, scalable, and secure network framework that meets the specific requirements of an organization, facilitating seamless data transmission, resource sharing, and reliable access to applications and services
Managed services
Managed services refer to outsourced support and maintenance solutions where a specialized provider oversees and maintains particular aspects of a business's operations, such as IT infrastructure, software, security, or other services. This arrangement allows the organization to focus on its core activities while benefiting from expert management, continuous monitoring, and proactive problem-solving provided by the external service provider
Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support services involve the ongoing care, troubleshooting, and enhancement of systems, products, or services. These services ensure the consistent functioning, performance optimization, and timely resolution of issues, aiming to sustain the reliability and longevity of the supported entities
Consulting services offer expert advice and guidance to organizations on various technology-related matters. These services involve analyzing business needs, recommending suitable technological solutions, and devising strategies to improve efficiency, optimize processes, and achieve organizational goals through the effective utilization of information technology
Systems Integration
Systems integration service involves the process of combining different software, hardware, and technologies into a unified and cohesive system. This service aims to ensure seamless communication, data sharing, and functionality across various components, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced redundancy, and enhanced performance within an organization's IT infrastructure
and much more
feel free to reach out if you need any help!
What Will You Get?
  • Optimized infrastructure and streamlined processes
    the provision of expert insights, recommendations, and strategies tailored to an organization's specific technology needs and goals: optimized technology infrastructure, streamlined processes, increased operational efficiency, enhanced cybersecurity measures, improved software solutions, and effective utilization of IT resources
  • Save time and money
    Outsourcing IT services can often be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team. Organizations can save on hiring, training, and infrastructure costs, as well as gain access to specialized expertise without the expense of full-time employees
  • Access to expertise
    IT outsourcing provides access to a wide range of specialized skills and knowledge that might not be available internally. This includes areas like networking at any scale,  cybersecurity, cloud computing and more
  • Focus on Core Business
    Outsourcing IT tasks allows organizations to focus their resources and efforts on core business activities rather than getting bogged down in technical details
  • Scalability
    Outsourcing allows for flexible scaling of IT resources according to changing needs. You can quickly ramp up or down services based on demand without the challenges of hiring or layoffs
  • Innovation
    IT outsourcing providers often stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and innovations. This exposure can help introduce new technologies and strategies to your organization
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